About last months #September & #October


September has started with a lot of excitement around a LallianSe team meeting. And what a dynamic return! On the agenda: seminar, brainstorming… and therefore storm of surprises to come … follow us:

LallianSe was a partner of the Pharma HealthTech for the 3rd edition which took place on September 16th. Unmissable event for players and partners in the pharmaceutical industry, this new event was focused on concrete and operational applications that shape the health of tomorrow. Technological innovation specialists were invited around round tables, keynotes or even virtual workshops to discuss the impact of technological progress in healthcare. Congratulations to TechtoMed and Franck Le Meur for organizing this digital event.

Remember, before the summer break, we were announcing the creation of our 2nd coworking space at Bichat Hospital, it’s done! More than a third place, “L ‘Appartement de l’Innovation” is a space for meetings and sharing between stakeholders from the entire healthcare ecosystem: start-ups, Experts, hospital professionals, academics, patient associations … Discover the space here:

Would you like to be in close contact with the LallianSe community? Are you looking for interactions with healthcare professionals, or do you simply need an immersed workspace in a hospital? Contact us: contact@lallianse.com

At the end of September, we were able to organize and host the second edition of the IPSE association’s summer school on the theme of qualitative research in health, within the LAB Pitié Salpêtrière. We would like to thank the IPSE association for their confidence in organizing their event, for the 2nd consecutive edition.

Do you have a health event project? contact us: contact@lallianse.com


The beginning of October saw our first occupants arrive at ‘L’Appartement de l’Innovation’ at Bichat Hospital: welcome to the Skezi team : a web application for collecting real-life data, directly from the main stakeholders (patients, users, etc.), Skezi accelerates clinical research and the evaluation of care by providing a solution to a need expressed by researchers and patients.
Skezi is therefore added to the list of our start-ups immersed in our hospital coworkings: Braintale, VistaCare, UroMems, Nissui, HTFC, Kiplin, Lowpital, Neuroresp, LSLEAD, Nanobiotix, Touline, Advicenne and we hope for many more in the future…!

LallianSe was delighted to participate as a Jury represented by its President, Julie Rachline, in the medical innovation pitch competition in the field of hearing during the Société Française d’ORL – SFORL congress on October 1st.

Congratulations to Siopi, a supportive community smartphone application for people suffering from tinnitus, winner of the 2021 Audition Medical Innovation Award! Well done Robin GUILLARD and the whole team!

For more information:https://lnkd.in/d7N7fv_a

The LallianSe team was very happy to participate in the 3rd edition of the HealthTech Innovation Days which took place on October 4 & 5, 2021. Real opportunity to approach the ‘patients’ theme according to different visions, with a common goal: to build together the future of healthcare for patients.

Finally, it is with great joy that we announced the return of our Aventures de l’Innovation with a 25th edition. We warmly thank our Expert, Françoise de Crémiers for her enthusiasm and commitment during this workshop.

Aventure de l’Innovation #25

We are pleased to announce the return of the ‘Aventure de l’Innovation’

Aventure de l’Innovation #25 – Françoise de Crémiers – The 10 key questions in the development of innovative drugs

In order to guarantee your safety, speciel visit modalities are planned:

        ●  The number of participants will be limited to 30 participants
        ●  Registration required for all participants : aventures@lallianselab.com
        ●  Compulsory sanitary pass on arrival
● Amphitheater booked in order to respect the distance
        ●  Wearing a mask is compulsory entering the Pitie Salpêtrière Hospital
        ●  Hydro-alcoholic distribution points upon arrival at LallianSe LAB

About last month #june & #july


June started next to HealthTech For Care where LallianSe will introduce the HealthTech for Patients event event on Monday, June 7th, 2021. Indeed, Pascale Maisonneuve, our VP regulatory strategy, who will open the ball alongside Maryvonne Hiance , President of HealthTech For Care and Ioana-Maria Gligor, Head of Unit European Reference Networks and Digital Health at European Commission. The whole team was happy to be a stakeholder in this event, a real opportunity to approach the ‘patients’ theme from different perspectives.

We unveiled a new episod, the #7 of our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe ?, with the participation of two members of the UroMems team, find them below :

Following various technical problems during the Giant European Health Tech week, we had to cut short the presentations of Jessica Walker (Atlanpole) and Cécile Jupin (Business France). But with a little imagination and seeing a nice synergy in this duo, we recorded them on a ‘Pitch Party’ format, see the result:

Hello July : FestiLAB #3 !

We can’t end our article without going back on our key event, the one marking the beginning of summer and its recess: FestiLAB #3 !

A magical evening, Entrepreneurs on stage, an incredible duo formed by Marie Modiano et Peter Von Poehl, a warm audience. A moment suspended in time, followed by a garden party under a mild sky and little wonders to enjoy thanks to Meet My Mama. After 2 years of absence, and these 16 complicated months, what a pleasure to see you again! And we are already getting requests for the 4th edition, that’s great because we already have some ideas so… stay tuned!

This is the time for us to thank you again:Marie Modiano et Peter Von Poehl, guests, supporters, providers, partners, volunteers and mostly our benefactors: Goodwin I Alira Health I HTI – Healthcare & Technology International I L3S Partnership I TechToMed and of course our music band, The Entrepreneurs Olivier Blin I Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Jonathan CHRIQUI I Pascale Jordan I Emmanuelle Deponge I Cesar Blin ! Find below our acknowledgment :

At last but not least, let’s not forget our main goal surrounding the FestiLAB : the Challenge Innovation. Initiated byLallianSe since 2018 with the Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire APHP.Sorbonne Université, the Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during the FestiLAB.

We were proud to announce in February 2021 that the Challenge Innovation #2 Prize was awarded to the DISTRACTION CACTUS project, led by Ms. Cécile Combes, physiotherapist masseur at the CF Resource and Skills Center at Armand Trousseau Hospital.

The Challenge Innovation #2 Prize is accompanied by the entire endowment of € 10,000, as well as support by LallianSe equivalent to € 13,500.It had been given to her behind closed doors given the health situation, so it seemed important to us and we were particularly keen to let Cécile speak at the FestiLAB #3 and present her winning project, the ‘pikidou’. Are you curious about it ? Listen to Cécile here :

We take these last lines to thank you, readers and members of the LallianSe community for your support throughout the past few months. The whole LallianSe team will take advantage of this summer break to replenish our energy… and it will take some because the start the school year promises a lot of nice surprises and highlights, we can’t wait to share them with you! Have a nice summer!

About last month #May

Events… don’t forget to read the last paragraph…!

Chronologically our Aventure de l’Innovation #24, led by Clémence LAUR, Engineer Consultant at DIX SEPTEMBRE kicked off May. You can find the replay here.

Our main event of the month, European and in a partnership for the second time with Giant, for the «European Health-Tech Innovation week » took place on May 18th. Although Giant had planned to organize a week of seminars and other round tables in 5 European cities, we made the choice to put forward the whole French ecosystem and therefore rather than staying in Paris, LallianSe has decided to highlight different territories and renamed the ‘Paris Day’ to ‘French Day’! We would like to thank our speakers whom you’ll find here.

A busy schedule with participants from varied and exceptional backgrounds, fascinating round tables and collaborations, fundraising and partnerships that will be based on these efficient and exciting discussions!

Finally, at the beginning of May, we unveiled a new episod #6 of our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe ?, with the participation of 2 members of the LallianSe team, find it here below :

Hello June!

Sunny days and the end of lock down allow us to consider a month of June with cascading events ahead. Indeed, we are pleased to announce that LallianSe will introduce the HealthTech for Patients event, organized by HealthTech For Care on Monday, June 7, 2021. Pascale Maisonneuve, our VP regulatory strategy, who will open the ball alongside Maryvonne Hiance , President of HealthTech For Care and Ioana-Maria Gligor, Head of Unit European Reference Networks and Digital Health at European Commission. The whole team is happy to be a stakeholder in this event, a real opportunity to approach the ‘patients’ theme from different perspectives.

Our last Aventure de l’Innovation #25 before the summer break, still 100% remote, will take place in June 8th. This event will be hosted by 2 of our regular Aventuriers : Stéphane Péralès, co-founder Allead & Frédéric Nahon, associate Allead to address the exciting challenge of adopting innovations. Sign in at aventures@lallianselab.com.

And at last but not least… we are exceptionally proud to announce that FestiLAB #3 will take place on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021. Find below the teaser of the event, the ticket office will be available on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021. Counting on you and rendez-vous on July 7th!

About last month #April


April was marked by our Aventure de l’Innovation #23, still remote. This event was hosted by one of our historical LallianSe Expert, Thierry Sarda, COO DTA Medical in tandem with Christophe Vergne, founder & CEO MyPL. We would like to thank them for sharing their knowledge and experience so openly. Don’t hesitate to watch the replay,here is the link.

Finally, in April 29th, 2021, Pascale Maisonneuve, our Regulatory Strategy VP intervened with MEDICALPS. Dealing with many companies, Pascale was able to remind the various requirements applicable to medical devices as well as advise the participants on the choice of an appropriate regulatory strategy. Pascale shed light on the major regulatory questions to be asked for 2021.


Remember in January 2021 we launched our column Do you speak LallianSe? , a series of short interviews highlighting our community and the benefit of our synergies. Find the latest episodes #5 and #6.

Made with LallianSe : action!

It is with great pride that we have created a section dedicated to our success stories: Made with LallianSe: action! This was inaugurated by our sparring partner made with LallianSe : Thierry Sarda (COO) & François Dufaÿ (CEO) at DTAMedical. Find the interview with our Operating Partner Thierry Sarda on BFM Business Fabien GUEZ‘s Check Up Santé show below.

Hello May!

May will keep on surprising you and will be punctuated by 2 main events. The first one being the Aventure de l’Innovation #24, led by Clémence LAUR, Engineer Consultant at DIX SEPTEMBRE. You can already find the replay here.

The second event follow a new collaboration with Giant, for the «European Health-Tech Innovation week » which will take place from May, 17th until 21st 2021, in digital. The concept is simple : every day an European capital will be honored in matter of health innovation.

Rather than staying in Paris, LallianSe has decided to highlight different areas of the country and renamed the ‘Paris Day’ to ‘French Day’ which will take place on May 18th 2021 ! Find out who our speakers will be here.

About last month #March


March was marked by our Aventure de l’Innovation #22, this event was hosted by one of our historical LallianSe Experts, Olivier Favre-Bulle (CEO 3Biotech) : we would like to thank him for sharing his knowledge and experience so openly. No replay available, so feel free to reach out to us so that we can share some hints about this great event.

The award ceremony for the Challenge Innovation #2, which took place in February, was also an opportunity to highlight the partnership between LallianSe x the hospitals from APHP.Sorbonne Université, as well as Cécile Combes, winner of the Challenge Innovation, through our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe, find here the episod #4.

And finally, we cannot look in the mirror for March without mentionning the 4th anniversary of the LallianSe LAB. 4 years of LallianSe LAB, four years of meetings, discussions, events, creation of projects, challenges, synergies, in short of community and amazing interactions. Thank you so much!


4 years of LallianSe LAB and a new adventure : with a new partnership with the HG APHP.Nord Université de Paris and the opening of the second LallianSe LAB at Bichat hospital in the north of Paris! The whole team is very excited of this new opening in 2021. A ‘journey notebook’ to share the project milestones and the birth of this new environment is under press… Stay tuned!

Hello April !

In April, join us for our Aventure de l’Innovation #23 which will be led by a tandem this time: Thierry Sarda, COO DTA Medical et Expert LallianSe & Christophe Vergne, fondateur et CEO MyPL. Meet on Tuesday, April 6th at 6.30pm, beware that this event is already full!

Finally, Pascale Maisonneuve,our partner and master in regulatory strategy will share our insights with our partner Médicalps :

– On Thursday, April 29th at 11am : “Médicament ou DM : Comment adapter ma stratégie réglementaire selon les nouvelles exigences européennes ? ” here is the link to register.