About last months #September & #October


On your marks, get set…GO ! The tone was set from the beginning of September: commitment, collaboration, festive!

Commitment: with the Smile Incubator, we were pleased to announce the #launch of LallianSe Education : #training programs for health innovation players. Sharing our experiences, our knowledge and creating dialogue between different worlds while helping to train the managers of tomorrow: this is the approach that we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment favorable to the success of health innovations.

First stone with the #DragonAcademy, thanks too Ebba F氓hraeus and SmiLe Incubator. And it is alongside Luca Venza that Julie Rachline and Emmanuelle Deponge are co-piloting the initiative.

September was also an opportunity to invite you behind the scenes of a #brainstorming made in LallianSe and to briefly share our thoughts and exchanges around a question:

What are the pitfalls encountered in the innovation ecosystem?

To answer this question, and because entrepreneurship is an #Adventure strewn with lots of #Emb没che, we launched the 饾悇饾惁饾悰饾惍虃饾悳饾悺饾悶饾惉 饾悵饾悶 饾惀’饾悎饾惂饾惂饾惃饾惎饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂: series of testimonials and sharing. For the 1st eidition, you could find Stephane Degove who enthusiastically shared his pitfalls as #CEO at Atamyo Therapeutics, and highlighted his paths to #success.

We close this series of news with another #milestone: thanks to your #support w have reached the 1000 LinkedIn followers. More than numbers, we are building a #community to build the environment conducive to everyone’s success. It was therefore an opportunity for the whole team: Julie Rachline I Pascale Maisonneuve I Shahrzad Moradi I Daphn茅 Revol I Karine Coquelin I Emmanuelle Deponge I Benedicte Garbil I Vincent Montlahuc and Sylvie Bove to thank you for following our adventures on LinkedIn. A nod to Mathieu Michalet who played the game and whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh.

Collaboration: active support of the Agora of digital care, we have organized the satellite meeting event between #investors and spin-off of the AP-HP, a priviledged “interface” in which LallianSe is part of on a daily basis. As a reminder, the Agora was a first free event, with moments of exchange at the crossroads of research, care and innovation through workshops, conferences and meeting times, immersed in the heart of the hospital of the H么tel Dieu.

This collaboration is an extension of our initiatives to promote the emergence of new models of partnerships between the world of #startups and the world of #hospital.

Again, alongside the Fondation Paralysie C茅r茅brale through #STEPtember. We have taken up this 3 in 1 challenge which allows you to walk 10 000 steps a day. Congrats and thank you to UroMems, BrainTale, Catherine Boule, Lowpital and the entire LallianSe #team for playing the game. More than 11 people registered in the team and funds raised for the Fondation – we continue!

Together, we generated聽饾煭,饾煴饾煬饾煷,饾煰饾煶饾煷 steps!

Finally, for the 4th consecutive year, LallianSe was a partner of the Pharma HealthTech: an event organized by Pharmaceutiques and TechToMed, this edition was focused on the theme of #AI. Member of the network of LallianSe #Expert, #sponsor of the #FestiLAB since the first edition and so many other past and future collaboartions, we are delighted to once again support Franck and more broadly the TechToMed team.

In the news of our start-ups and our offers, we were delighted to highlight:

  1. Surge, which carried out its first fundraising of 鈧2.5 million and entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Stanford. We have already been actively collaborating alongside the management and operational team for 9 months on fundraising and equity story issues.
  2. VistaCare Medical is more than one of our historical clients – it has become a unique professional #meeting between our #Expert Thierry Sarda, in residence for 4 years alongside the president of Vistacare, Fran莽ois Dufa每. During a #staffmeeting of the multidisciplinary “Wounds & Healing” team of Bichat #hospital, Thierry Sarda came to present #WECtherapy, an innovative approach proposed by VistaCare Medical to take care of difficult wounds. The opportunity to highlight an example of our hospital immersion.


Another example of our hospital immersion ? We have partnered with the GHU APHP. Paris Nord to launch the Par鈥橧nnovChallenge for #medical #paramedical and #medicotechnical personnel. We thought of this open #innovation approach as an opportunity to get the #hospital community to interact around innovation issues. Beyond the financial envelope, #accompaniment LallianSe will promote the acceleration of these projects for patients and healthcare professionals.

What is the point of innovating, if we are not protected? This was the theme of our last Aventure de l’Innovation. For this #webinar, we welcomed Jean-Ren茅 Bailly & Nadine Rocaboy from Plasseraud IP to share with enthusiasm and professionalism the challenges of industrial property. You weren’t able to attend this #Aventuredelinnovation and you want to know more about #intellectualproperty? Find the #replay here.

Remember, she led our Aventure de l’Innovation #32, recently arrived at LallianSe, Benedicte Garbil is our Entrepreneur in Residence, notably carrying our #RHUaccess offer, to prepare healthcare establishments for #RHU calls for projects. Beyond shared values, she was able to immediately grasp the added value of LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator: a job as a translator that allows dialogue and understanding of different worlds.聽Find her in the last episode of our Do You Speak LallianSe ?

#LallianSeenmouvement – you couldn’t miss it.. Indeed, the month of October was eventful!

1. We went back to digital class with the Universit茅 Grenoble Alpes with students for an intervention on #entrepreneurship and the different actors. Julie Rachline and Daphn茅 Revol were delighted to interact with these students who demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for the #challenges and issues of the health innovation ecosystem.

2. It was then Emmanuelle Deponge who went with our partner Techtomed and Franck LE MEUR on the #LearningExpedition to #Berlin in #immersion in a German #digitalhealth #ecosystem. This#experience was an opportunity to seek inspiration and feed our thoughts on #innovation. In line with our ambitions, we want to #decompartmentalize, dare different approaches and have an impact beyond our borders.

3. On the occasion of the #Journ茅edelaudition2022 organizad by the Soci茅t茅 Fran莽aise d’ORL – SFORL and the Fondation Pour l’Audition in Marseille, thank you to Bernard Fraysse for inviting our president Julie Rachline to participate in the #Jury of # Innovations in #audiology and #otology, as well as a round table.

4. Then, in Sweden the 5th training session of the #DragonAcademy program took place in a #workshop format led by the LallianSe pair Emmanuelle Deponge & Julie Rachline. Practical session for the Academy: how to work on an investment thesis? What are the elements to highlight in an investment strategy geared towards venture capitalists (#VCs)? With concrete cases, the participants will work on the construction of 鈥渃ompatible VC鈥 investment theses.

5. Finally, at the France Healthcare Innovation Summit 2022 the objective of which was to address #innovation geared towards new medicine and the transformation of healthcare systems in France around various #roundtables. As an #integrator of health innovations, we were a stakeholder in this event through our prism of hospital #immersion and growth support.

As you will have understood, sharing our experiences by supporting the training of tomorrow’s professionals, having a hospital #immersion that encourages us to understand medical needs in a holistic way: these are the markdowns that we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment conducive to the #success of #innovations.聽

FestiLAB #4


The FestiLAB is a private and unique artistic event, to collect donations for the benefit of health innovation. Indeed,the donations are then given to innovation projects carried out by the paramedical staff of the hospital sites of the APHP.Sorbonne Universit茅 group.

This 4th edition gave rise to a prive and acoustic concert in the Saint Louis chapel of the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re hospital – an exceptional moment thanks to Laure Favre-Kahn, solo pianist, whom we thank. And in the first part, The Entrepreneurs : eight talents of health innovation, taken on stage.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who support this charity event: Goodwin I Lowpital I Nextep Health I Alira Health I HTI 鈥 Healthcare & Technology International I L3S Partnership I TechToMed I Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) and of course LallianSe 鈥 Life Sciences Integrator !

A huge thank you also to our most beautiful music group, The Entrepreneurs, who hosted the fundraising evening: Olivier Blin I Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Cesar Blin I Pascale Jordan I Jonathan CHRIQUI I Emmanuelle Deponge Doroth茅e Uriet and Mireille Chadaida 馃 馃檹

As well as our privileged partners: AP-HP, Assistance Publique 鈥 H么pitaux de Paris I Tableaux Paris I Henry WESTHEAD I

This evening was an opportunity to recall what the FestiLAB is but more particularly to announce the winners of the Challenge Innovation #3, find the speech here:



Teaser FestiLAB #4

The Entrepreneurs

Laure Favre-Kahn, pianist

Let’s go back to FestiLAB #4!

About last months #May & #June & #July 2022


Our May and June months were turned towards Europe with the Patrick Boisseau invitation to participate in the MedTech Europe in Barcelona on Wednesday May 4th 2022. Thus, Julie Rachline had free reign to lead the #MoveYourInnovation session to which she invited Marc Martinell (Minoryx Therapeutics) and Nils Reimers (Stryker) to join her and to contribute to the development of the relations between big and innovative groups of the medtech.

Our ambition is to transform healthcare innovations in economic successes : from the #startups to #SMEs to the #Giants,it is crucial to open the dialogue with the public, by collecting their opinions on key questions all the while sharing our experiences.

There was a renewal of the collaboration with the GIANT Health Event for the Parisian day of the European Health Tech Innovation Week which happened remotely on Tuesday may 17th 2022. 聽We were able to get together four members of our network and to moderate the session live from our Appartement de l鈥橧nnovation at the Bichat Hospital, around one key question: how has AI created intelligent hospitals who take care of their patients and of healthcare ?

A big thank you to the contributors who participated: Alexandre Mignon I David Guez I Jean-Philippe Bertocchio (SKEZI) I Sacha Rozencwajg (Team’Doc).

Would you like to interact with them? Contact us and we will relay your message.

This Tuesday May 17th was particularly full: that very evening, the come-back of the Aventure de l’Innovation #32 in-person lead by B茅n茅dicte Garbil Entrepreneuse in r茅sidence at LallianSe.

Throughout its 5 editions, the call to hospital-university research projects called #RHU imposed itself as a major financing tool. Proposing a 鈥渢ranslational鈥 research model, the RHU projects associate the academic, hospital and entrepreneurial sectors. The RHU programs should probably be the subject of a 6th edition during the 2nd semester of the year 2022. What are the prerequired ? What are the Jury鈥檚 expectations ? How to prepare your case file?

Do you remember, in the context of our partnership with the AP-HP, Assistance Publique 鈥 H么pitaux de Paris Sorbonne Universit茅 we had decided to innovate for the Challenge Innovation #3 destined to the #paramedicaland #m茅dicotechniquepersonnel ? For this edition, 3 鈥楧esign thinking鈥 workshops accompanied the paramedical teams thanks to the teams of Lowpital (Aude Nyadanu, PhD and Maylis Callier) to prepare the submissions of the call to projects.

What did the workshops teach them ? In what way did they help them ? Listen to their testimony in the video below:

Lastly, two new episodes of our Do You Speak LallianSe ? chronicle :

Episod #12 : From #Stanford to the #startup, Julien H茅dou and Benjamin Choisy tell us about Surge鈥檚 mission: to reinvent and improve the handling of surgical patients. Regulations, equity story, implementation of clinical studies, a multifaceted collaboration since multiple months.

Episod #13 : By giving the #impulse of a meeting between #healthcare and #technology, TechToMed has the ambition of creating an indispensable link between the world of technology and the one of healthcare. Our ambitions join up with an impulse given around a meeting between Franck LE MEUR and Julie Rachline a little less than 10 years ago already ! Member of the Lallianse #Expert network #sponsor of the #FestiLAB since the 1st edition and so many more past and coming collaborations, notably with our partnership at the DTx France漏 : meet Franck LE MEUR, CEO at TechToMed.


We could not finish this article without mentioning our annual flagship event, the FestiLAB #4 : the annual artistic, unique and unifying #event organized by LallianSe 鈥 Life Sciences Integrator reuniting public and private partners, volunteering and engaged in the development of a virtuous ecosystem in healthcare innovation. The event allows to bring to the surface innovating projects in healthcare , by donating the #benefits collected during the night for the #ChallengeInnovation, innovating call to projects dedicated to the paramedical and technical personnel of the Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire AP-HP, Assistance Publique 鈥 H么pitaux de Paris.Sorbonne Universit茅

A huge thanks to all the benefactors of the #FestiLAB : Goodwin Anne-Charlotte Riviere I Lowpital Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Nextep Guillaume Bouchara I Alira Health Marc Nomaksteinsky Benjamin Chambon I L3S Partnership Virginie Lleu I TechToMed Franck LE MEUR Emma Decrozant et LallianSe 鈥 Life Sciences Integrator bien s没r !

And another one obviously to the acoustic rock band that LallianSe takes a special pleasure to accompany, reinforce, challenge and most of all listen to, The Entrepreneurs, who started us off : Olivier Blin I Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Cesar Blin I Alicia Mc Loughlin I Pascale Jordan I Jonathan CHRIQUI I Doroth茅e Uriet et Mireille Chadaida.

Find all the information, pictures and videos on the dedicated article: FestiLAB #4.

About last months #March & #April 2022


In this beginning of the month of March, we went to the 1st edition of the #MedInTechs,convention, face to face in Paris which puts back the citizen et the patient at the heart of health innovation.

It was the occasion to meet up with several members of the LallianSe network, such as BrainTale and his team, but also Benjamin Kammoun, Celine Riou, MyPL, the Digital Pharma Lab team, the Digital Medical Hub Mathieu Grajoszex & Frederic Jean, Anca Petre to name a few.

We also listened to excellent speakers at conferences and workshops such as Isabelle Zablit-Schmitz, Franck Mouthon, Sophie Brac de la Perri猫re, Ana茂s Barut, Nina Rognon and many others, to end with a closing ceremony in the presence of Mr Olivier Veran.

A big thank you to Muriel Benitah, Lucas Thiery and all their team for the organization.

Our Aventures de l’Innovation continue, and it’s with an interactive model that Emmanuelle Deponge lead her presentation on March 15th. The corporate governance, the relationships between investors, board and operational teams captivate you ? You were not able to participate ? Watch the replay below:

Replay Aventure de l鈥橧nnovation #30

We announced it in our previous About last months, following the organization of our preparatory workshops for the Challenge Innovation #3, it’s Lowpital who played along with the 10th episode of our Do you speak LallianSe ? chronicle meet Aude Nyadanu, PhD x Maylis Callier :

Other essential information not to forget ! Braintale, our flagship project, is actually part of the 8 startup winners of the #FrenchHealthcare Booster Germany 2022, announced the launch of #BrainTaleCare with the CE of IIa class label of his two moduls, and ended the month by being quoted by Challenges in the Medtech & Biotech section as one of the 100 start-ups in which to invest in 2022 ! Congratulations to #BrainTale !

Since 2016, LallianSe is building the adapted investment theses: between the cofoundation of the company, the integration in the team, the hosting in hospital coworking, the arranging of experts and entrepreneurs in residence,聽 the fundraising 鈥 It鈥檚 LallianSe touch for the #SuccessStory.

Lastly, it is this type of success which gave us the desire to face and think about the new challenges in health innovation.

Our Immersion offer

Pioneers and carriers of the health innovation integrator concept for 6 years, LallianSe transforms innovations in economic successes by the construction and the placing in action of investment thesis.

Our assessment is simple: to develop efficient and lasting health solutions, we need to focus on the market in itself and not on the technologies. And it鈥檚 precisely our capacity to discuss and to get together multiple healthcare actors (hospitals, entrepreneurs, investors, laboratories and universities) which gives us the unique possibility to contribute to the ecosystem.

And so the launch of our Immersion offer is an obvious solution: concrete, it allies expertise, follow ups, and networks, offering you an environment favorable to your success.

Join us!


The month of April started with an active collaboration with the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG), expert in the carrier evolution of docteurs (PhDs) around the Ap茅ro Doc Docteurs & Entrepreneurs which took plate on April 7th at the LallianSe space at the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re hospital. Find the event presentation, the pictures and the pitch podcasts on our dedicated article.

It was a pleasure to host our speakers :

J茅r么me Braudeau I CEO AgenT-biotech

Olga Chashchina I Co-founder Metyos

Benjamin Kammoun I Program Manager WILCO

Laurent Levy I Co-founderNanobiotix

We’d like to thank also the ABG – Association Bernard Gregory team : Vincent Mignotte I Laurence Friteau, PhD I V茅ronique Dupont I Ouissame Benfaida

We continued the month with the 32nd 茅dition of our Aventures de l鈥橧nnovation.

Is it the brain or the heart which influences the investment perception ? What are the decision criteria to invest ? Is it a job of intuition of experience ?

It is with a lot of authenticity and pragmatism that Catherine Boule, Managing partner at Karista shared her experience as an investor.

You missed our adventure ? Throwback on this event with the link of the replay.

We then revealed a new episode, the #11, of our chronicle and when asked Do you speak LallianSe? It is with the utmost natural that Romain Gombert answered: 鈥 LallianSe in the sens gathering the whole of the jobs to improve the system of care : yes鈥. Meet him here:

Lastly, we cannot finish this article without going back on the announcement of the yearly event, the one which marks the beginning of summer and of the summer holidays : the FestiLAB #4 !

Meet us and come participate in a virtuous development process of the #innovations at the #hospital : a unique night to collect #donations for innovative projects of the #paramedical and technical personnel of the teaching hospital group #AP-HP, Assistance Publique – H么pitaux de Paris Sorbonne Universit茅.

We obviously thank the sponsors of our previous #FestiLAB : Goodwin Anne-Charlotte Riviere I Lowpital Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Nextep Guillaume Bouchara I Alira Health Marc Nomaksteinsky Benjamin Chambon I L3S Partnership Virginie Lleu I TechToMed Franck LE MEUR Emma Decrozant et LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator of course !

Also a big thanks to our exceptional musician group, The Entrepreneurs, who animates the night of donation collecting : Olivier Blin I Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Cesar Blin I Pascale Jordan I Jonathan CHRIQUI I Emmanuelle Deponge Doroth茅e Uriet & Mireille Chadaida 馃 馃檹

So? What are your plans on July 6th, 2022?

About last months #January & #February 2022


LallianSe holiday season’s greetings – January 2022

Above all: hello 2022! It is with great enthusiasm that we expressed our greetings for the holidays season and many new adventures to come.

January was therefore marked by our Aventure de l鈥橧nnovation #28 in digital. This event, which inaugurated our 2022 conference series, was moderated by Isabelle Zablit on the theme of digital Health in Europe. Watch the replay below:

Replay Aventure de l’Innovation #28

Subecha x LallianSe – ceramic decorations at the Appartement de l’Innovation, Bichat Hospital

We like to take care of our coworking spaces so that our entrepreneurs feel at home there. But beyond our desire to build atypical third places, we like to get involved with causes that are close to our hearts. This is why we called on Soumya Tahiri Treillou and her ceramic creations to embellish our Appartement de l鈥橧nnovation at Bichat Hospital. Former beauty entrepreneur, she created Subecha studio in 2019: https://subechastudio.com/

Remember, mid-january we launched the Challenge Innovation #3 : the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with AP-HP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB. Find all the steps and terms in our dedicated article : Challenge Innovation #3.

At last but not least, a new episod of our chronicle Do you speak LallianSe ?, with the participation of two members of the LallianSe team, find it over here:

Do you speak LallianSe ? #8 Vincent Montlahuc x Karine Coquelin, LallianSe


Our events keep on going on with the 29th edition of our Aventure de l’Innovation. We warmly thank Sandrine Colas for this intervention and a session full of questions. Did you miss it? Watch the replay below:

Replay Aventure de l’Innovation #29

The Challenge Innovation #3 also innovates! This year, 3 Design Thinking workshops support the paramedical teams deployed by the teams of Lowpital, Aude Nyadanu, PhD and Maylis Callier. It is also the consistency to involve Aude, singer of the Entrepreneurs at the FestiLABs, even more in the adventure!

Launch of the 1st workshop to prepare the Challenge Innovation #3

Finally, Laura Laughlin x Emmanuelle Deponge lent themselves to the game of our 9th episode of our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe, find the episode here:

Do you speak LallianSe #9 : Emmanuelle Deponge x Laura Laughlin, LallianSe

Rendez-vous at the end of March for the next episod.

See you soon and don’t hesitate to join the adventure!

Challenge Innovation #3

We have the pleasure to officially launch our Challenge Innovation #3!

The Challenge Innovation is the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with APHP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB, an annual charity event. Made possible by the support of privileged partners which brings together around an artistic project, an acoustic rock band and a private event for the actors of innovation (entrepreneurs, hospitals, researchers, investors, recruiters, developers, service providers, etc.). The Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during FestiLAB.

In order to launch our call for projects, on Tuesday January 18, 2022, we organized a Rencontre de l’Innovation, a conference intended for the paramedical and technical staff of the GH APHP.Sorbonne University.

We’d like to thank our speakers and partners : Tatiana Akake (Deputy Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Universit茅), Pierre Mozer (Urologist et co-founder of UroMems), C茅cile Combes (Physiotherapist and winner of the Challenge Innovation #2), Aude Nyadanu (serial entrepreneurs, singer of our rock band The Entrepreneurs at the FestiLAB, founder of Lowpital and much more), Patrick Delamare (General Care Coordinator of the GH APHP.Sorbonne Universit茅) and at alst Julie Rachline (CEO LallianSe). Find their experiences and interventions in the replay below:

For this 3rd edition we have decided to make the make the call for projects process more complete and supportive. Here is the process, the conditions & modalities, as well as the calendar to apply.

You have an idea, a project and you meet the mandatory conditions to apply? Fill out our online questionnaire and get started on the adventure!

The Challenge Innovation also innovates! As you know, this year, 3 ‘Design Thinking’ workshops accompany the paramedical teams: a variety of projects that illustrate the contribution of collective intelligence methods and the user approach, deployed by the teams of Lowpital, Aude and Maylis. It is also the consistency to involve Aude, singer of Les Entrepreneurs, even more in the adventure! Here are the first images of the launch of the workshops which take place with great enthusiasm from the participants:

Remember, as part of our collaboration with the AP-HP, Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris Sorbonne University for the 3rd #ChallengeInnovation for #paramedical and #medicotechnical staff of the GH, we had decided to innovate! This year, 3 鈥楧esign Thinking鈥 workshops accompanied the paramedical teams by the teams of Lowpital, Aude Nyadanu and Maylis Callier to help them prepare the call for projects.

What did these workshops bring them? How did that help them? Hear their stories in the video below:


Since 2019, LallianSe and the APHP.Sorbonne University Hospital-University Group have joined forces to launch the third edition of the Challenge Innovation for paramedical and medical-technical personnel at APHP.Sorbonne University. LallianSe works in partnership with APHP.Sorbonne University to support and accompany the initiatives of healthcare professionals who carry out innovations.

On May 12, 2022, the Research and Innovation Department of APHP.Sorbonne University and the General Management of LallianSe, unanimously by the Jury, awarded two prizes.


The Jury was composed of Pauline Maisani, Director of the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re Hospital and Deputy General Director of the GHU APHP.SU, Patrick Delamare, Deputy General Coordinator of Care of the GHU APHP.SU, Florence Mah茅-Dombis, Sponsorship Manager of Sorbonne Universit茅 Faculty of Medicine, Pascale Maisonneuve, General Secretary of the LallianSe association, Tatiana Akake-Beshelemu, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation of the GH APHP.SU, and Julie Rachline, President of LallianSe.

The 1st Prize of the Innovation Challenge #3 is awarded to the ESCAPE GAME DIGITAL project IN THE PEDIATRIC-ADULT TRANSITION led by Sandrine Bottius, Health course coordinator at the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re hospital. It is accompanied by a grant of 鈧12,000 as well as support by LallianSe for 12 months.

This project will be a tool that can be used by pediatrics and adult medicine to help prepare for the transition and strengthen the patient’s adherence to their adult health journey through a better understanding and apprehension of the stages that make up this period. It is designed in a generic enough way to also be used transversely by pediatric hospitals for preparation for the Transition on the one hand, and on the other hand by adult hospitals for the adhesion of the young patient to his course.

The 2nd Prize of the Challenge Innovation #3 is awarded to the REVAP-STOMIE project led by Axelle Pierre-Joseph, Nurse Stomatherapist at the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re Hospital. It is accompanied by a grant of 鈧5,000 as well as support by LallianSe for 6 months.

Within the framework of the REVAP project (REalit茅 Virtuelle Apprentissage), a tool for teaching surgery for caesarean section had already been developed, using virtual reality (VR), based on a combination of 3D videos captured during a surgical intervention and lessons interactive. This tool would make it possible to see and review the various treatments as well as the techniques for fitting ostomies on a support allowing a projection of the caregiver very close to reality. Ostomy care is little known care, not taught in the majority of IFSIs.

The Jury would like to point out the quality of all the projects presented to it. The GHU APHP.Sorbonne Universit茅 and LallianSe renew to all the paramedical and technical staff their congratulations for having participated, and hope to continue these projects for the emergence and promotion of health innovations.

See you at the Challenge Innovation #4聽!

About last months #November & #December


November has started with an exciting news for one of LallianSe clients portfolio companies since 2018 and our Expert-in-Residence St茅phane Milot: Congratulations to Biomunex, and the team led by Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gerard, founder and CEO of Biomunex, alongside Institut Curie and GTP Bioways, who has announced that 鈥渋ts BiXAb5 project has received close to 鈧3 million ($3.5M) in grants from the French government as part of the 鈥楪rand D茅fi Biom茅dicament鈥 scheme. A total budget of 鈧5.6 million ($6.5M) is allocated to this project.鈥. Find the press release here.

It is always with joy that LallianSe participates in discussions on health innovation. This is how you were able to meet Julie Rachline, LallianSe CEO, and Emmanuelle Garnier, deputy director at the Montpellier University Hospital to talk about the approaches they are developing to support innovation within public hospitals around an afterwork organized by Lowpital.

We went through the month with the 26th edition of our Aventures de l’Innovation. We warmly thank Ludovic for this open session, rich in information and intimate.

Finally, November ended with a very good news for another of our long-standing clients: VistaCare by DTAMedical, which has reached a new milestone in its development and is setting up in Besan莽on. A big thank you for your trust, we were delighted to welcome the team and in particular Naima BEN BELKACEM in recent months in our coworking room in the Piti茅-Salp锚tri猫re hospital. LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator continues to support VistaCare by DTAMedical in its project, for ever more innovation and success! A new stage of the Adventure taking shape in Besan莽on.


You had the opportunity to meet us during the 10th edition of #BioFIT2021 and the 5th edition of #MedFIT2021 in digital format from December 7 to 9, 2021 where LallianSe was a partner.
BioFIT Event is the leading event in Europe for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations and early-stage innovations in the field of Life Sciences. BioFIT is also the European marketplace for seed and venture capital investment in Life Sciences.馃寪 www.biofit-event.com
MedFIT Event is the first European convention dedicated to partnership innovation and the marketplace for early-stage innovations in the field of medical technologies, diagnostics and digital health. 馃寪 www.medfit-event.com

We continued the month with the 27th edition of our Aventures de l’Innovation. We warmly thank Jean-Claude for this update and a question-rich session.

Remember, during FestiLAB #3 in July 2021 we presented C茅cile Combes, pediatric physiotherapist at Armand-Trousseau Hospital and #winner of our call for projects, the #ChallengeInnovation launched on the university hospital group #APHP. Sorbonne University.
C茅cile spoke for a few minutes to pitch her innovative project: the pikidou … What a great development since then, because in less than a year and thanks to the donations raised at #FestiLAB and then given to the project, a few days ago, the first Pikidou was born! Follow the evolution here馃敾

To finish with, places have become available in our 2 coworking spaces in hospital immersion!

The LallianSe LAB is an initiative born in 2017, with the creation of a 1st coworking space located in the GHU H么pitaux Universitaires Piti茅 Salp锚tri猫re 鈥 Charles Foix (APHP), then a second in the GHU H么pital Paris Nord Bichat, called 鈥楲鈥橝ppartement de l鈥橧nnovation鈥 and created in September 2021. In total immersion and a single point of contact between innovative private & public players, our ambition is to federate, energize and promote innovation in Health.

Do you want to be in close contact with the LallianSe community ? Are you looking for interactions with healthcare professionals, or do you simply need an immersed workspace at the AP-HP, Assistance Publique 鈥 H么pitaux de Paris ? Contact-us : contact@lallianse.com

Our coworking spaces are waiting for you!

About last month #june & #july


June started next to HealthTech For Care where LallianSe will introduce the HealthTech for Patients event event on Monday, June 7th, 2021. Indeed, Pascale Maisonneuve, our VP regulatory strategy, who will open the ball alongside Maryvonne Hiance , President of HealthTech For Care and Ioana-Maria Gligor, Head of Unit European Reference Networks and Digital Health at European Commission. The whole team was happy to be a stakeholder in this event, a real opportunity to approach the 鈥榩atients鈥 theme from different perspectives.

We unveiled a new episod, the #7 of our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe ?, with the participation of two members of the UroMems team, find them below :

Following various technical problems during the Giant European Health Tech week, we had to cut short the presentations of Jessica Walker (Atlanpole) and C茅cile Jupin (Business France). But with a little imagination and seeing a nice synergy in this duo, we recorded them on a 鈥楶itch Party鈥 format, see the result:

Hello July : FestiLAB #3 !

We can’t end our article without going back on our key event, the one marking the beginning of summer and its recess: FestiLAB #3 !

A magical evening, Entrepreneurs on stage, an incredible duo formed by Marie Modiano et Peter Von Poehl, a warm audience. A moment suspended in time, followed by a garden party under a mild sky and little wonders to enjoy thanks to Meet My Mama. After 2 years of absence, and these 16 complicated months, what a pleasure to see you again! And we are already getting requests for the 4th edition, that’s great because we already have some ideas so… stay tuned!

This is the time for us to thank you again:Marie Modiano et Peter Von Poehl, guests, supporters, providers, partners, volunteers and mostly our benefactors: Goodwin I Alira Health I HTI – Healthcare & Technology International I L3S Partnership I TechToMed and of course our music band, The Entrepreneurs Olivier Blin I Aude Nyadanu, PhD I Jonathan CHRIQUI I Pascale Jordan I Emmanuelle Deponge I Cesar Blin ! Find below our acknowledgment :

At last but not least, let’s not forget our main goal surrounding the FestiLAB : the Challenge Innovation. Initiated byLallianSe since 2018 with the Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire APHP.Sorbonne Universit茅, the Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during the FestiLAB.

We were proud to announce in February 2021 that the Challenge Innovation #2 Prize was awarded to the DISTRACTION CACTUS project, led by Ms. C茅cile Combes, physiotherapist masseur at the CF Resource and Skills Center at Armand Trousseau Hospital.

The Challenge Innovation #2 Prize is accompanied by the entire endowment of 鈧 10,000, as well as support by LallianSe equivalent to 鈧 13,500.It had been given to her behind closed doors given the health situation, so it seemed important to us and we were particularly keen to let C茅cile speak at the FestiLAB #3 and present her winning project, the ‘pikidou’. Are you curious about it ? Listen to C茅cile here :

We take these last lines to thank you, readers and members of the LallianSe community for your support throughout the past few months. The whole LallianSe team will take advantage of this summer break to replenish our energy… and it will take some because the start the school year promises a lot of nice surprises and highlights, we can’t wait to share them with you! Have a nice summer!

About last month #May

Events… don’t forget to read the last paragraph…!

Chronologically our Aventure de l鈥橧nnovation #24, led by Cl茅mence LAUR, Engineer Consultant at DIX SEPTEMBRE kicked off May. You can find the replay here.

Our main event of the month, European and in a partnership for the second time with Giant, for the 芦European Health-Tech Innovation week 禄 took place on May 18th. Although Giant had planned to organize a week of seminars and other round tables in 5 European cities, we made the choice to put forward the whole French ecosystem and therefore rather than staying in Paris, LallianSe has decided to highlight different territories and renamed the 鈥楶aris Day鈥 to 鈥楩rench Day鈥! We would like to thank our speakers whom you’ll find here.

A busy schedule with participants from varied and exceptional backgrounds, fascinating round tables and collaborations, fundraising and partnerships that will be based on these efficient and exciting discussions!

Finally, at the beginning of May, we unveiled a new episod #6 of our chronicle, Do you speak LallianSe ?, with the participation of 2 members of the LallianSe team, find it here below :

Hello June!

Sunny days and the end of lock down allow us to consider a month of June with cascading events ahead. Indeed, we are pleased to announce that LallianSe will introduce the HealthTech for Patients event, organized by HealthTech For Care on Monday, June 7, 2021. Pascale Maisonneuve, our VP regulatory strategy, who will open the ball alongside Maryvonne Hiance , President of HealthTech For Care and Ioana-Maria Gligor, Head of Unit European Reference Networks and Digital Health at European Commission. The whole team is happy to be a stakeholder in this event, a real opportunity to approach the ‘patients’ theme from different perspectives.

Our last Aventure de l鈥橧nnovation #25 before the summer break, still 100% remote, will take place in June 8th. This event will be hosted by 2 of our regular Aventuriers : St茅phane P茅ral猫s, co-founder Allead & Fr茅d茅ric Nahon, associate Allead to address the exciting challenge of adopting innovations. Sign in at aventures@lallianselab.com.

And at last but not least… we are exceptionally proud to announce that FestiLAB #3 will take place on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021. Find below the teaser of the event, the ticket office will be available on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021. Counting on you and rendez-vous on July 7th!