About last months #January & #February


On your marks, get set…GO !

The tone was set from the beginning ofJanuary: new year, new collaborations, new perspectives

2023 is launched with #LallianSeenmouvement and more precisely during #JPMorganWeek in San Francisco . Building and operating equity stories at #LallianSe requires understanding and translating the financing and innovation environment. Allowing entrepreneurs and managers to refine their development and investor relations strategies is one of our essential pillars.


Associating LallianSe with the #FrenchCorner of Business France and contributing to this by co-organizing the #FrenchHappyHour was therefore obvious and in continuity with the last edition of the French night, 3 years ago!

We thank our #partners and especially Jerome Revole Marie-Astrid Sevilla & Ilyès Loutfi, Pharm.D from Business France Healthcare – North America.

In our approach to bring out the initiatives and projects of tomorrow, LallianSe has renewed the #collaboration with the Fondation Maladies Rares for the #atelier de co-design pour les #innovations en santé numérique. Julie Rachline explains why it’s important to us: listen to her!

How to bring out innovation projects by caregivers, at the heart of the hospital?

Through our initiatives and our commitment since 2017 to caregivers, we have notably initiated since 2018 the #ChallengeInnovation– annual innovation competition in partnership with the hospital-university group AP-HP, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris.Sorbonne Université.

Last year, the first #prize was awarded to Sandrine Bottius, course coordinator in the transition service from pediatrics to the adult sector at La Pitié-Salpêtrière, for the development of an #escapegame for adolescents and young people. adults. Beyond the financial allocation provided by the hospital, LallianSe accompanies Sandrine for 12 months through regular, dedicated meetings, network opening, management of service providers, identification of key partners and many other actions. Again. Hospital immersion by #LallianSe allows the emergence of #synergies and relationships between operators and care actors.

Check out our shared #values in the latest #DoYouSpeakLallianSe?

Finally, it is a pleasure to find our initiative cited by #Lowpital in the article published on the theme “How can healthcare intrapreneurship & collaborative methods contribute to improving the patient experience?“. This is the question that #Lowpital had to answer in the article published by ManagerSante.com® | L’expertise interdisciplinaire en management de la santé.

Finally, in September 2022 we announced the #launch of LallianSe Education. In the deployment of this new initiative, first module of the #Sorbonne Université Diploma: formation à la Valorisation de la Recherche Biomédicale. This #training, whose direction is provided by Julie Rachline alongside Pierre Mozer and under the initial and unfailing impetus of Alain Sezeur, is aimed at all researchers, engineers, administrators, health professionals, doctoral students… and others !

The diploma training addresses all the #issues of research and biomedical innovation as well as the techniques of enhancement beyond being a first stone to initiate and develop your #network. The other two weeks of modules are scheduled for next March!

In the continuity of our sharing of experiences, we launched the 3rd edition of the Embûches de l’Innovation with the participation of Gilles Avenard, CEO Acticor Biotech.

A historic relationship between Gilles Avenard and Pascale Maisonneuve, both hematologists, and then crossed entrepreneur / investor paths between Gilles Avenard and Julie Rachline – thank you for playing the game of sharing and resilience with us!

If you’re wondering how he (eventually) managed to fund the development of a stroke drug, find the replay .


The launch of the 4th edition of the Challenge Innovation has taken place!

For the 4th time, LallianSe and AP-HP Sorbonne Université have joined forces to launch Challenge Innovation #4 – innovation competition for #paramedical and #medicotechnical staff at GH.

In order to initiate our call for projects, on Monday February 6, 2023, we organized a Rencontre de l’Innovation, a conference intended for the paramedical and technical staff of the GHU APHP.Sorbonne Université.

In line with our hospital #immersion for 6 years, we thought of this exchange as an opportunity to make the #hospital community interact around innovation issues. The opportunity to highlight the 2 winners of the #ChallengeInnovation3, Sandrine Bottius and Axelle Pierre-Joseph, who came to testify about their careers and the progress of their innovative projects.

In January, you were able to discover a Do you speak LallianSe ? with Sandrine, we now offer you to listen to the winner of the second #prize, Axelle Pierre-Joseph, stomatherapist nurse at Pitié-Salpêtrière for the REVAP STOMIE project. This is a #virtualreality (#VR) teaching tool for student nurses to improve #ostomy care. Bravo Axelle, #LallianSe is happy with these 6 months of support too!

Check out our shared #values in the latest #DoYouSpeakLallianSe?

Our commitment and the values we uphold do not stop at the hospital. The sense of entrepreneurship, the fierce desire to transform ideas into health products in an effective, sustainable way that responds to key health issues is also expressed through our speaking out.

And especially during the 2nd virtual round table organized by the #ESCP alumni community. Focused on #earlystage #investment in #deeptech healthcare startups, this roundtable brought together investors, founders and professors.

Thanks to Jianfeng Li for proposing to Julie Rachline to be part of it as #LallianSe and BrainTale CEO, alongside Benjamin JoffeFrederic JallatAdrien Gatineau and Paul Rinaudo.

The same goes for supporting causes that are dear to us. Under the aegis of the Ministère de la Santé and Prevention François BRAUN, the #colloqueFAST was held, bringing together energies to accelerate the fight against #cancers of children and adolescents.

Bringing a benefit to patients, seeking #impact and achieving it: a strong #ambition to ultimately succeed in this fight against pediatric cancers. #LallianSe is proud to contribute in its own way to this essential battle.

Thanks to ERRARD Patrick for organizing and moderating this round table “To change scale by inventing a new financing model” in which Julie Rachline was able to participate remotely, alongside Lise ALTER, Eric BASEILHAC and Michel Lauzzana.

About last months #September & #October


On your marks, get set…GO ! The tone was set from the beginning of September: commitment, collaboration, festive!

Commitment: with the Smile Incubator, we were pleased to announce the #launch of LallianSe Education : #training programs for health innovation players. Sharing our experiences, our knowledge and creating dialogue between different worlds while helping to train the managers of tomorrow: this is the approach that we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment favorable to the success of health innovations.

First stone with the #DragonAcademy, thanks too Ebba Fåhraeus and SmiLe Incubator. And it is alongside Luca Venza that Julie Rachline and Emmanuelle Deponge are co-piloting the initiative.

September was also an opportunity to invite you behind the scenes of a #brainstorming made in LallianSe and to briefly share our thoughts and exchanges around a question:

What are the pitfalls encountered in the innovation ecosystem?

To answer this question, and because entrepreneurship is an #Adventure strewn with lots of #Embûche, we launched the 𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐮̂𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐝𝐞 𝐥’𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: series of testimonials and sharing. For the 1st eidition, you could find Stephane Degove who enthusiastically shared his pitfalls as #CEO at Atamyo Therapeutics, and highlighted his paths to #success.

We close this series of news with another #milestone: thanks to your #support w have reached the 1000 LinkedIn followers. More than numbers, we are building a #community to build the environment conducive to everyone’s success. It was therefore an opportunity for the whole team: Julie Rachline I Pascale Maisonneuve I Shahrzad Moradi I Daphné Revol I Karine Coquelin I Emmanuelle Deponge I Benedicte Garbil I Vincent Montlahuc and Sylvie Bove to thank you for following our adventures on LinkedIn. A nod to Mathieu Michalet who played the game and whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh.

Collaboration: active support of the Agora of digital care, we have organized the satellite meeting event between #investors and spin-off of the AP-HP, a priviledged “interface” in which LallianSe is part of on a daily basis. As a reminder, the Agora was a first free event, with moments of exchange at the crossroads of research, care and innovation through workshops, conferences and meeting times, immersed in the heart of the hospital of the Hôtel Dieu.

This collaboration is an extension of our initiatives to promote the emergence of new models of partnerships between the world of #startups and the world of #hospital.

Again, alongside the Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale through #STEPtember. We have taken up this 3 in 1 challenge which allows you to walk 10 000 steps a day. Congrats and thank you to UroMems, BrainTale, Catherine Boule, Lowpital and the entire LallianSe #team for playing the game. More than 11 people registered in the team and funds raised for the Fondation – we continue!

Together, we generated 𝟭,𝟱𝟬𝟴,𝟯𝟳𝟴 steps!

Finally, for the 4th consecutive year, LallianSe was a partner of the Pharma HealthTech: an event organized by Pharmaceutiques and TechToMed, this edition was focused on the theme of #AI. Member of the network of LallianSe #Expert, #sponsor of the #FestiLAB since the first edition and so many other past and future collaboartions, we are delighted to once again support Franck and more broadly the TechToMed team.

In the news of our start-ups and our offers, we were delighted to highlight:

  1. Surge, which carried out its first fundraising of €2.5 million and entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Stanford. We have already been actively collaborating alongside the management and operational team for 9 months on fundraising and equity story issues.
  2. VistaCare Medical is more than one of our historical clients – it has become a unique professional #meeting between our #Expert Thierry Sarda, in residence for 4 years alongside the president of Vistacare, François Dufaÿ. During a #staffmeeting of the multidisciplinary “Wounds & Healing” team of Bichat #hospital, Thierry Sarda came to present #WECtherapy, an innovative approach proposed by VistaCare Medical to take care of difficult wounds. The opportunity to highlight an example of our hospital immersion.


Another example of our hospital immersion ? We have partnered with the GHU APHP. Paris Nord to launch the Par’InnovChallenge for #medical #paramedical and #medicotechnical personnel. We thought of this open #innovation approach as an opportunity to get the #hospital community to interact around innovation issues. Beyond the financial envelope, #accompaniment LallianSe will promote the acceleration of these projects for patients and healthcare professionals.

What is the point of innovating, if we are not protected? This was the theme of our last Aventure de l’Innovation. For this #webinar, we welcomed Jean-René Bailly & Nadine Rocaboy from Plasseraud IP to share with enthusiasm and professionalism the challenges of industrial property. You weren’t able to attend this #Aventuredelinnovation and you want to know more about #intellectualproperty? Find the #replay here.

Remember, she led our Aventure de l’Innovation #32, recently arrived at LallianSe, Benedicte Garbil is our Entrepreneur in Residence, notably carrying our #RHUaccess offer, to prepare healthcare establishments for #RHU calls for projects. Beyond shared values, she was able to immediately grasp the added value of LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator: a job as a translator that allows dialogue and understanding of different worlds. Find her in the last episode of our Do You Speak LallianSe ?

#LallianSeenmouvement – you couldn’t miss it.. Indeed, the month of October was eventful!

1. We went back to digital class with the Université Grenoble Alpes with students for an intervention on #entrepreneurship and the different actors. Julie Rachline and Daphné Revol were delighted to interact with these students who demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for the #challenges and issues of the health innovation ecosystem.

2. It was then Emmanuelle Deponge who went with our partner Techtomed and Franck LE MEUR on the #LearningExpedition to #Berlin in #immersion in a German #digitalhealth #ecosystem. This#experience was an opportunity to seek inspiration and feed our thoughts on #innovation. In line with our ambitions, we want to #decompartmentalize, dare different approaches and have an impact beyond our borders.

3. On the occasion of the #Journéedelaudition2022 organizad by the Société Française d’ORL – SFORL and the Fondation Pour l’Audition in Marseille, thank you to Bernard Fraysse for inviting our president Julie Rachline to participate in the #Jury of # Innovations in #audiology and #otology, as well as a round table.

4. Then, in Sweden the 5th training session of the #DragonAcademy program took place in a #workshop format led by the LallianSe pair Emmanuelle Deponge & Julie Rachline. Practical session for the Academy: how to work on an investment thesis? What are the elements to highlight in an investment strategy geared towards venture capitalists (#VCs)? With concrete cases, the participants will work on the construction of “compatible VC” investment theses.

5. Finally, at the France Healthcare Innovation Summit 2022 the objective of which was to address #innovation geared towards new medicine and the transformation of healthcare systems in France around various #roundtables. As an #integrator of health innovations, we were a stakeholder in this event through our prism of hospital #immersion and growth support.

As you will have understood, sharing our experiences by supporting the training of tomorrow’s professionals, having a hospital #immersion that encourages us to understand medical needs in a holistic way: these are the markdowns that we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment conducive to the #success of #innovations.