Our team : Thierry Sarda, Operating Partner

  1. What was your journey to your LallianSe adventure? 

Scientist, by training, who quickly left the laboratory to enter the industry (LifeSciences, Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Devices). Leaned towards the development of growth levers (product launch, innovations, reorganization) in the marketing and general management functions in France and in Europe. In the sector of innovative start-ups since 2015 as business angels and in accelerators. 

  1. Why did you join the adventure? 

LallianSe is a unique place where multiple, diverse and complementary expertise converge to offer close support over the duration of projects in a spirit of positive ambition, kindness, networking and creativity. 

  1. Can you give us examples of your daily responsibilities? 

I have been collaborating on the Medtech DTAMedical project for more than 2 years. The evolution of the extent of this project, very regional at the beginning & centered on its founder, towards a project with an international extent, the equity story hub having attracted the best opinion leaders in the medical field is a great achievement that was able to be done with beyond functional expertise on the development of trust between the founder and LallianSe. 

  1. What are the factors that make your collaboration with LallianSe a success? 

Human relationships, team spirit and collective intelligence. The pleasure of working together with our projects on a mission. 3 words (literally) to describe you? Curiosity, Positivity, Networking skills 

In 3 words : Curiosity, Positivity, Networking skills


Our team : Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul, Operating Partner

  1. What was your journey to your LallianSe adventure ?

I developped a double expertise, medical and industrial, during a career started as a hospital doctor in the Neurology department of the Toulouse University Hospital, followed by the development and the international launch of several innovative products in Pharmas mid-size, and finally by the deployment in the world of startups, from 2008, logics of strategic medical thinking and market access.

  1. Why did you join the adventure?

It is based on the conviction that the combination of solid expertise and real-life experiences will help young companies in the health sector to define their growth path and effectively cross the key stages of their development, that I have joined the adventure. It is this expertise and know-how that I bring today to the teams of startups that I guide, Biotech, MedTech or e-health.

  1. Can you give us examples of your daily responsibilities?

Thanks to a multidisciplinary eye we were able to convince our client on a mission to stop early enough a project too risky and too difficult to finance: paradoxical success truly, but of which I am proud, knowing the difficulty for a team of founders to give up one of his projects!

  1. What are the factors that make your collaboration with LallianSe a success?

Mutual respect for each other’s skills and the multidisciplinary approach of the community, the network of confirmed experts, with whom we have continuous working relationships are among the main factors of our effective interaction!

In 3 words :


Our team : Zihan Mahmud, Project Manager

  1. What was your journey to your LallianSe adventure? 

I’m Zihan Mahmud, 2nd year student in a Master of Management. After my Master of Chemistry, I decided to supplement my scientific skills with human skills thanks to this Master. The training is a work-study in a health company, hence my interest in joining LallianSe in order to gain experience. 

  1. Why did you join the adventure? 

LallianSe is a young innovative start-up collaborating with several Experts with solid knowledge in the field of pharmacy, medical devices, regulations, etc. and working with several other drug companies. The experience gained through working with, will help me in my professional project. 

  1. Can you give us examples of your daily responsibilities? 

I’m in charge of ensuring the smooth running of missions, by regularly carrying out follow-up points with Experts as well as with clients. Following these exchanges, a short written summary is produced and allows the progress of missions. 

  1. What are the factors that make your collaboration with LallianSe a success? 

The excellent relationships within the team, as well as the great atmosphere. The hospital environment is a real advantage. 

In 3 words : Generous, involved, and loyal


Our team : Daphné Revol, Start-up Manager

  1. What was your journey to your LallianSe adventure?  

To briefly introduce myself, I have a scientific background completed with an M2 in business school. In fact, I’m currently in my 6th year of Industrial Pharmacy, and in a Specialized Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management at ESCP, Paris. Before joining LallianSe, I did an internship in Regulatory Affairs with Alexion Pharmaceuticals. And it was during my end-of-study internship that I joined Lallianse recently, as a Start-up & Innovation Manager. 

  1. Why did you join the adventure? 

I have always been naturally interested in everything related to health innovation, innovations which in the current context are rapidly expanding in the ecosystem of start-ups. In addition, for my graduation internship, I wanted to be able to work on various matters in order to develop my agility. These two main points led me to take an interest in LallianSe. When I discovered this structure, I found values, integrity, caring, excellence, which for me, are part of the pillars that I wish to keep in my career orientation. Moreover, as an intern, learning alongside hardened and experienced experts is a real opportunity for me. 

  1. Can you give us some examples of your daily responsibilities ?  

Regarding my missions, I’m here to support start-ups in any way I can on different key points of their development, as well as to meet their specific needs. I’m also here to support the LallianSe team which allows me to participate in various projects and to collaborate with different internal and external actors. Taking part in the development of this exciting project over time. 

  1. What are the factors that make your collaboration with LallianSe a success?  

The success of our collaboration results mainly in the confidence granted to develop projects in co-construction, team synergy as well as knowledge, and skills that collaborators shares with me. I profit from the support, the listening, and the dynamism of LallianSe. The ability of LallianSe to respond to diverse and varied needs, drawing on a strong network of experts, is a real opportunity to train myself in a range of fields. 

In 3 words : Creative, involved, and communication skills.