4 years of LallianSe LAB!

4 years of LallianSe LAB!

Few days have gone since the official date, but the facts are there: already 4 candles to blow for the first coworking space immersed at hospital, within the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital. Four years of meetings, discussions, events, creation of projects, challenges, synergies, in short, 4 years of community building and amazing interactions.

On March 10, 2017, the Association LallianSe pour l’Innovation en Santé was born, known as LallianSe LAB. It has started with just two of us, then 3, then more, with bits of string and not a lot of means, but with goodwill and enthusiasm that this “homemade” space was born and that we made ourselves happy to create an atmosphere aligned with our values ​​and our image.

If working in a collaborative space is now trendy and chosen by many companies, immerging such an approach within a hospital and at the center of patient care was, and remains a challenge. Yet in 4 years, we have been able, with investment and agility, to build a place that stimulates creativity, promotes sharing of knowledge and experiences, within the same working ecosystem altogether creating links between different and torn apart worls.

Indeed, today the LallianSe LAB offers a range of diversified solutions: collaborative experience, networking, support, one-off services, events … we are a living lab, initiator and promoting interactions for the ultimate benefit of patients.

These first achievements and the success of these initiatives have encouraged expansion of this concept and potentiality to open a second – mandatory as the first is full! –  LAB within hospital Bichat -Claude Bernard on the GHU APHP.Nord Université de Paris. Opening planned in 2021: proud and excited!

Award ceremony for the Challenge Innovation #2

Since 2019, LallianSe and the University Hospital Group APHP.Sorbonne Université have joined forces to launch the second edition of the Challenge Innovation for paramedical and medico-technical personnel of APHP.Sorbonne Université. LallianSe works in partnership with APHP.Sorbonne University to support the initiatives of healthcare to innovate in their daily practice.

The Challenge Innovation is the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with APHP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB, an annual charity event made possible by the support of privileged partners which brings together around an artistic project, an acoustic rock band and a private event for the actors of innovation (entrepreneurs, hospitals, researchers, investors, recruiters, developers, service providers, etc.). The Challenge Innovation #2 is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during FestiLAB #2.

On February 11, 2021, the Research and Innovation Department of APHP.Sorbonne Université and the General Management of LallianSe unanimously awarded the Jury a unique prize. The Jury was made up of Fabienne Marion, Director of the General Care Coordination, Tatiana Akake-Beshelemu, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation, Florence Mahé-Dombis, Director of Health-Medicine Sponsorship, Sorbonne Université Foundation, Pascale Maisonneuve , Secretary General of the LallianSe association and Julie Rachline, President of LallianSe.

We are excited to announce that the Challenge Innovation #2 Prize is awarded to the DISTRACTION CACTUS project led by Ms. Cécile Combes, physiotherapist masseur at the CF Resource and Skills Center at Armand Trousseau Hospital. The Challenge Innovation #2 Prize is accompanied by the entire endowment of € 10,000, as well as support by LallianSe equivalent to € 13,500.

The UHG APHP.Sorbonne Université and LallianSe renew their congratulations to all paramedical and technical personnel for having participated and hope to continue, despite the complex health context, these projects for the emergence and promotion of health innovations.

A Huge thank you to all the sponsors of FestiLAB# 2, which took place in the summer of 2019, for making this energy and spark of innovation possible:  Crédit Mutuel InnovationDechertL3S PartnershipAlira HealthAlizé RPPact & PartnersTech2MedHTI Executive search & LallianSe  of course!

Rendez-vous for the Challenge Innovation #3!

FestiLAB #2

New edition, new challenge, new project !

Proposing a new and fresh event requests innovation. We supported the energy of key members of our community by building the Entrepreneurs, an acoustic rock band. Outstanding energy and dynamism to raise funds to support innovative projects in the hospital during this by-invitation only, sponsored and networking event

And oustanding thanks to our sponsors of this second edition, Crédit Mutuel InnovationDechertL3S PartnershipAlira HealthAlizé RPPact & PartnersTech2MedHTI Executive search & LallianSe  of course!

We are so grateful to the Entrepreneurs, who dived in the adventure !

With a conference on Feminism for men, by Noémie Delattre, and a fantastic networking cocktail on LallianSe LAB rooftop

Do you have an artistic talent ?! Do you play music and want to participate ?!

Join us in the adventure … Let’s go 2021!

Reach out to the team, contact@lallianse.com