Quest for Health x Capital Grand Est x LallianSe

We are delighted to have hosted the 3rd breakfast on the theme of #equitystory, organized by Quest for health
An opportunity to share the experience of BrainTale, our flagship initiative.
Through concrete examples of the relationship between a CEO and an investor, represented by Virginie MIATH, Director of Investments at Capital Grand Est, participants were able to leave with a guide to good practices: the 10 commandments of the investment thesis.
Thanks to Romain Neidl, PhD Guillaume Vetter-Genoud, PhD, MBA for the invitation and the organization,and to Virginie for agreeing to take part in the exercise.
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L’Impro de la Valo #1 : a Curie, Pasteur & LallianSe event

The Institut Curie, Institut Pasteur & LallianSe invite* you to a quirky and exclusive professional evening, where laughter mixes with innovation!

A theatrical improvisation match around the theme of promoting research, organized jointly by the teams of the Institut Pasteur, the Institut Curie and LallianSe, forming 3 teams of 3 candidates, formed in advance. Each team, made up of Entrepreneur/Researcher, Investor and representative of a technology transfer organization, – where each does not play their role – will compete in comparative improvisation around a point of negotiation of a letter of intention.

Between experiences, fantasies and realities, investors, entrepreneurs / researchers and development players take the stage to share funny situations – or less so! – and react on themes of negotiations, differences and allow everyone to identify the point of view of others.

Using the applause meter, the victorious team will be designated, and the refereeing, according to the rules of theatrical improvisation, will allow the orchestration of an entertainment lasting approximately 1h15, punctuated by dynamic exchanges with the guests, before continue with a light cocktail planned for the occasion.

The evening will be hosted by partners and team captains: Jérémie Weber (Institut Curie), Julie Rachline (LallianSe) et Alexandre Batch (Institut Pasteur), the event being refereed by Hélène Chausson, BrainTale, coach of theatrical improvisation in herspare time!

Monday March 11th, 2024,
at the Institut Curie (Paris 5)

More information:

Private evening, personal and non-transferable invitations.

Invitations to win here! Please note that the offer is limited to the first 20 participants (closed).

#LImprodelaValo : an original and unique event to highlight the promotion of research!

Many thanks to Catherine Boule, KaristaStephane Tholander, Agora HealthMiranda DELMOTTE, CNRS InnovationGiacomo Gropplero, Institut CurieValerio Laghi, Institut PasteurJulien Macquet, ElaiaClaire Héritier, LUTECHMatthieu Coutet, Sofinnova PartnersBruno Montanari, Seroba. who shone on stage sharing funny and inspiring moments, while exploring the challenges of negotiation.

Standing ovations to our team captains and partners:: Jérémie, Alexandre et Julie, as well as to our referee Helene Chausson from BrainTale, who orchestrated this evening with talent and originality.

Finally, we thank the numerous spectators who came and the event was sold out. We are sorry not to have been able to register everyone, but….

We are delighted to announce that the victorious blue team, decided by public vote, will defend their title in our next edition! #Staytuned 🏆

A look back at the event in video and images

Institut Pasteur x LallianSe

December 9th, 2023

How to assess the potential of your #innovation and how to create a solid value proposition for your #startup?

Remember, we started the summer of 2023 by inaugurating the 1st edition of the “Startup Alumni Breakfasts” at the Institut Pasteur. Yesterday, invited by Alexandre Batch, PhD – MBA during the 2nd session of the “Startup Breakfast” Julie had the opportunity to answer these questions in an #interactive format.

Crucial steps for the success of #startups, since 2015 #LallianSe has made it its mission: to build the environment favorable to the economic success of health innovations by articulating investment theses, through tailor-made #pathways and an #agile approach.

July 6th 2023

We were asked by Alexandre Batch, PhD – MBA to co-organize and inaugurate the 1st edition of the “Startup Alumni Breakfasts” of the Institut Pasteur on the theme How can governance become a tool for investor relations ?

Governance is at the heart of strategy and particularly in relations with investors. This informal breakfast thus proposed to explore and share with concrete cases the strategic interest of governance in the creation of company value .

Thanks to Alexandre Batch, PhD – MBA & Marion Le Foll for giving us carte blanche to invite Connie Coulomb, vice-president of the specialized investment bank BioPharma Capital, based in the US. In a format of exchange of experiences, the dialogue also made it possible to discuss the similarities and differences between the EU and the United States.

Eurasanté x LallianSe

2023 Partnership BioFIT x MedFIT

For the 3rd consecutive year we are #partner of BioFIT Event, a European event dedicated to technology transfer, collaborations between industrialists and academics and early-stage innovations.

#BioFIT is also a European marketplace for seed #investment and venture capital. In Marseille on December 12 & 13 and online on December 15, 2023.

For the 2nd year we are #partner of #MedFIT: European event dedicated to #medtech and #health in general. In Strasbourg on October 10 & 11 and online on October 17, 2023..

As a Health #Integrateur and equity story builder, this event was an #opportunity for future #collaborations.

2022 Partnership BioFIT

BioFIT Event is the leading #event in Europe for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations and early-stage innovations in the field of Life Sciences. It is also the European marketplace for seed capital and venture capital investment in Life Sciences.

It is in particular with her #BrainTaleCEO‘s cap that Julie Rachline was present. Indeed, LallianSe builds, develops and manages the equity story of BrainTale, our flagship initiative since 2016 :

– Cofounding of the company with Vincent Perlbarg, Didier Cassereau, Louis Puybasset, Damien Galanaud & Velly Lionel
– Integration and reinforcement of the team,
– Accommodation in hospital coworking,
– Management of experts and entrepreneurs in residence,
– Fundraising…

2021 Partnership BioFIT x MedFIT

You had the opportunity to meet us during the 10th edition of #BioFIT2021 and the 5th edition of #MedFIT2021 in digital format from December 7 to 9, 2021 where LallianSe was a partner.

BioFIT Event is the leading event in Europe for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations and early-stage innovations in the field of Life Sciences. BioFIT is also the European marketplace for seed and venture capital investment in Life Sciences.

MedFIT Event is the first European convention dedicated to partnership innovation and the marketplace for early-stage innovations in the field of medical technologies, diagnostics and digital health.

J.P Morgan Week 2024

This year again we are renewing our partnership with Business France during J.P Morgan Week which will take place from January 8 to 10, 2024, in San Francisco (USA).

No need to present the annual J.P Morgan conference and its decisive impact as the first event of the year. Since 2020, LallianSe has been a partner of Business France to support the deployment of the French ecosystem in the United States and support its clients in investor, banker and pharmaceutical industrial relations.

As such, we are pleased to invite you to the French Healthcare Afterwork which will take place onMonday January 8, 2024, from 5 pm to 7 pm at the French Corner, specifically organized for the French delegation.

Join to obtain the registration link.

Université Grenoble Alpes x LallianSe Education

20 october 2023

Can you remember a time when an experienced professional inspired you in your educational or professional journey?

This morning, Julie Rachline was on the front of the screen, alongside Etienne Daher, Senior Analyst at Aescap, for an intervention with #students at Grenoble Alpes University.

#Objective: to share the broad outlines, challenges and perspectives of the creation of innovative companies in Health, #valuation, #entrepreneurship and of course #investment.

Sharing our experiences by supporting the training of tomorrow’s professionals is the approach we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment favorable to the #success of #innovations.
Thanks to Jean-Luc Lenorman for giving us this #transmission opportunity!

#Training #teaching #engagement #students #biotech #health

06 october 2022

Thursday October 6: the day we returned to class 👩‍🎓​​

A few days ago in Sweden with the #DragonAcademy, today digitally with the University of Grenoble Alpes with students on #entrepreneurship and the different actors.

Sharing our experiences by supporting the training of tomorrow’s professionals: this is the approach we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build the environment favorable to the #success of #innovations.

Thanks to Jean-Luc Lenormand for giving us this #transmission. Julie Rachline and Daphné Revol were delighted to interact with these students who demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for the #challenges and issues of the health innovation ecosystem.


Fall edition dedicated to Sanofi’s initiatives

We are pleased to invite you on
Tuesday October 3rd, 2023, from 7pm,
to our fall edition dedicated to Sanofi’s initiatives.

Meet Cédric Barriere, Nizar El-Murr, Etienne Guillot & Matthieu Merlin around a round-table discussion on:

An overview of Sanofi’s initiatives… decryption with LallianSe

Registration is mandatory (12€ donation for food costs) via HelloAsso) :

Webinar digital protection : good practices?


Digital protection: good practices?

The development of digital innovations continues to continue. How to protect? how to optimize investments associated with digital tools through industrial property? how to capitalize on these aspects to build solid investment theses? How to implement a suitable protection strategy? How to create value for the company?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves at LallianSe and that we invite you to explore during this webinar.

To answer all these questions, we are highlighting Alexandre Lebkiri and Noémie Bardel from Cabinet Camus Lebkiri, Industrial Property Advice, to open discussions and perspectives on these key themes during a dedicated webinar. It will be about digital creations – with their very particular technical and legal specificities!

Find us on Friday, September 22, 2023 at 12 p.m., on Teams.. 

Registration at


Medtech Forum Dublin – May 2023

The end of May was turned towards Europe with the Patrick Boisseau invitation to participate in the MedTech Europe in Dublin on Wednesday May 31st, 2023.

We pushed the boundaries of interactivity by giving the audience a voice on stage at the #MTF for our #Moveyourinnovation session.

To transform innovations into economic success, it is necessary to decompartmentalize and open up perspectives.

#Startups and #corporates are anticipating their times and planning to differing timelines and goals, while actively seeking #collaboration to accelerate #innovation and benefit #patients. So how can we manage this effectively?

To debate, we have brought together a prestigious and high-level #panel, moderated by Julie Rachline, with:

Enric Claverol : Head of the Medical Technologies Programme, European Commission 🇪🇺
Maeve McGrath : Head Healthcare Innovation, Roche
John MacNamara : VP R&D, Medtronic

Each was able to share their experience and expertise, like real #catalysts, to inspire and guide our audience. Thank you for sharing and engaging in dialogue around these key issues!

We are proud of this dynamic session where everyone’s voices were heard. This is how we will continue to drive innovation, collaboration, and health excellence!

#MTF2023 #patientfirst #partnership #innovationinhealthcare