LallianSe Education launch

We are delighted to announce the #launch of LallianSe Education : #training programs for health innovation players. But why ?

➡️ Deepen the understanding of the main challenges and issues of #health industries in #Europe
➡️ Advance knowledge in the health innovation ecosystem
➡️ Contribute to training and opening up prospects for future managers and leaders of the ecosystem

Sharing our experiences, our knowledge and creating dialogue between different worlds while helping to train the managers of tomorrow: this is the approach that we favor, in addition to our other activities, to build an environment favorable to the success of health innovations.

First stone with the #DragonAcademy, thanks too Ebba Fåhraeus and SmiLe Incubator. And it is alongside Luca Venza that Julie Rachline and Emmanuelle Deponge are co-piloting the initiative.