Webinar digital protection : good practices?


Digital protection: good practices?

The development of digital innovations continues to continue. How to protect? how to optimize investments associated with digital tools through industrial property? how to capitalize on these aspects to build solid investment theses? How to implement a suitable protection strategy? How to create value for the company?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves at LallianSe and that we invite you to explore during this webinar.

To answer all these questions, we are highlighting Alexandre Lebkiri and Noémie Bardel from Cabinet Camus Lebkiri, Industrial Property Advice, to open discussions and perspectives on these key themes during a dedicated webinar. It will be about digital creations – with their very particular technical and legal specificities!

Find us on Friday, September 22, 2023 at 12 p.m., on Teams.. 

Registration at contact@lallianse.com