ASIIA – Association des Sociétés Innovantes Issues de l’AP-HP

June 2024 [#EVENT] #ASIIA x BrainTale x LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator

What happened on June 18th at #APInnov 2024 ?!

A year ago, during the 2023 edition, we witnessed the announcement of the creation of 𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗜𝗔 : the 𝗔ssociation des 𝗦ociétés 𝗜nnovantes 𝗜ssues from 𝗔P-HP, co-founded by Julie Rachline who serves as its secretariat general alongside with Pierre Mozer & Nicolas Castoldi.

Created by and for entrepreneurs and health professionals, #ASIIA is part of initiatives, such as the Tiers lieu BOpEx or @Hôtel-Dieu which initiate an innovative dynamic, promote and support the creation of #startups, in connection with the one of the largest (eco)health systems in Europe, the #APHP.

Join the virtuous circle of #APHP #spinoffs by joining #ASIIA. Contact us for more information!

September 2023 [#INITIATIVE] #ASIIA x LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator

What happened last Friday at the Digital Care #Agora in September 2023 ?!

During #APInnov in june 2023 we attented the announcement of the birth, this time we were able to attend the launch of the operations of𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗜𝗔, the 𝗔ssociation des 𝗦ociétés 𝗜nnovantes 𝗜ssues de l’𝗔P-HP, including Julie Rachline as a general secretary, alongside Pierre Mozer and Nicolas Castoldi.

Among our hospital immersion initiatives,𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗜𝗔 is an association created by entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, for entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals. Are you one of them ? Join the virtuous circle of ASIIA’s #spinoffaphp.

The objectives are plural:
– Create a unique #community of entrepreneurs / healthcare profesionals;
– Support the creation of #startups, linked to one of the largest health systems in Europe #APHP ;
– Provide access to a quality #network, privileged information & key resources.

Congratulations for this first brick and let’s meet at #APInnov in june 2024 to celebrate the first year of existence and the successes that we will have accomplished together🎉 or even before for those who wish to join! ➡️​

#Innovation #entrepreneurship #partnership

Agora du Soin Digital, Hôtel-Dieu, September 15th, 2023 / Julie Rachline – Tara Duong – Pierre Mozer – Nicolas Castoldi