Do you speak LallianSe #16 Philippe Mendels Flandre, Austral Dx

Meet Philippe Mendels Flandre, co-founder & CEO Austral Dx

Hospital immersion by LallianSe allows the emergence of #synergies and relationships between innovators and care actors.

This is how almost 6 years ago, when we moved to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, the connection was made with Pr Similowski, head of the Pneumology, Intensive Medicine and Resuscitation department of the GH.

On his initiative alongside the ILL Institut Laue Langevin without forgetting the CNRS, Austral Dx was born in the fall of 2021. Austral Dx makes it possible to characterize cardio-respiratory diseases thanks to a device capable of remotely mapping vibrations of the surface of the body.

For several months, LallianSe has been supporting the team led by Phillipe Mendels-Flandre to accelerate the development of the company with a clinical management outsourced on a part-time basis by the Experts-in-Residence of the LallianSe #network.