Challenge Innovation #4

We have the pleasure to officially launch our Challenge Innovation #4!

The Challenge Innovation is the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with APHP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB, an annual charity event.

Made possible by the support of privileged partners which brings together around an artistic project, an acoustic rock band and a private event for the actors of innovation (entrepreneurs, hospitals, researchers, investors, recruiters, developers, service providers, etc.). The Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during FestiLAB.

In order to launch our call for projects, on Monday February 6th, 2023, we organized a Rencontre de l’Innovation, a conference intended for the paramedical and technical staff of the GH APHP.Sorbonne University.

We’d like to thank our speakers and partners : Loïc Carballido (Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Université) and Kévin Attal (Deputy Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Université), both winners of the Challenge Innovation #3, Sandrine Bottius & Axelle Pierre-Joseph, Aude Nyadanu (serial entrepreneurs, singer of our rock band The Entrepreneurs at the FestiLAB, founder of Lowpital and much more), and at last Julie Rachline (CEO LallianSe). Find their experiences and interventions in the #replay below:

Here are the process, the terms & conditions, as well as the timetable for applying.

You have an idea, a project and you meet the mandatory conditions to apply?

Fill out our online questionnaire and send it back to us before February 24th 2023 at

Get started on the adventure!

#ChallengeInnovation4: here we go! 🚀

A few weeks ago we announced the launch of the 4th edition of the #ChallengeInnovation – innovation competition for #paramedical et #medicaltechnical staff, in collaboration with the AP-HP, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris Sorbonne Université. 

Last year we innovated and redesigned the course by integrating #DesignThinking workshops to support project leaders in preparing their files with Lowpital.

This year, the course has been further improved with the involvement of Kevin ATTAL, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation at the GHU. By adopting an active & agile approach, a complementary tailor-made course has been set up for more successful projects, with the support of various GHU departments.

Our unique location in the heart of the hospital allows us to forge privileged relationships with the medical and hospital communities, to form and federate a unique ecosystem within the world of health. We are happy to renew this virtuous initiative to encourage #innovations in #hospital.

#ChallengeInnovation4: Jury deliberations

The Jury was composed of Ms. Pauline Maisani, Director of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and Deputy Director General of the GHU APHP.SU, Mr. Kévin Attal, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation of the GH APHP.SU, Ms. Bénédicte Lombart, Paramedical co-coordinator of Research in nursing, rehabilitation and medico-technical care of the GHU APHP.SU, Mrs Pascale Maisonneuve, General Secretary of the LallianSe association, and finally Mrs Julie Rachline, President of LallianSe.

During the FestiLAB #5, on Tuesday July 4, 2023, the two winners of the #ChallengeInnovation4 were able to present their winning projects.

Grand Prize, endowment of €20,000 and support from LallianSe was awarded to the “ParaM’Aide” project led by Célia Clinchard, Masseur-Physiotherapist at Armand Trousseau Hospital :

ParaM’aide is an application intended for healthcare professionals which facilitates the orientation of patients by healthcare staff, allowing the best patient care.

Second Prize, endowment of €7,000 and support from LallianSe was awarded to the “E-Learning Nutrition” project led by Eve Desnoyers, dietician at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and coordinator of the Specialized Obesity Center (CSO) in IDF :

Complete the care of patients with obesity in CSOs in Ile de France thanks to E-learning in order to help patients in their daily follow-up, to consolidate the concepts covered during their course of care and facilitate access to educational content; including for the most precarious people, in order to change their behavior.

The Jury would like to point out the quality of all the projects presented to it. The GHU APHP.Sorbonne University and LallianRenew to all the paramedical and technical staff their congratulations for having participated, and hope to continue these projects for the emergence and promotion of health innovations.

RDV at the Challenge Innovation #5!