Do you speak LallianSe ? #18 Axelle Pierre-Joseph, AP-HP

Meet Axelle Pierre-Joseph, ET nurse at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (AP-HP)

Remember, as part of our #collaboration with AP-HP.Sorbonne Université for the 3rd #ChallengeInnovation for #paramedical and #medicotechnical staff at the Hospital Group, the first prize was awarded to Axelle Pierre-Joseph, ET nurse at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Since September 2022, LallianSe has been supporting Axelle on her project. Hospital immersion by LallianSe allows the emergence of #synergies and relationships between operators and care actors.

Discover our shared #values ​​in this #DoYouSpeakLallianSe?

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Challenge Innovation #4

We have the pleasure to officially launch our Challenge Innovation #4!

The Challenge Innovation is the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with APHP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB, an annual charity event.

Made possible by the support of privileged partners which brings together around an artistic project, an acoustic rock band and a private event for the actors of innovation (entrepreneurs, hospitals, researchers, investors, recruiters, developers, service providers, etc.). The Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during FestiLAB.

In order to launch our call for projects, on Monday February 6th, 2023, we organized a Rencontre de l’Innovation, a conference intended for the paramedical and technical staff of the GH APHP.Sorbonne University.

We’d like to thank our speakers and partners : Loïc Carballido (Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Université) and Kévin Attal (Deputy Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Université), both winners of the Challenge Innovation #3, Sandrine Bottius & Axelle Pierre-Joseph, Aude Nyadanu (serial entrepreneurs, singer of our rock band The Entrepreneurs at the FestiLAB, founder of Lowpital and much more), and at last Julie Rachline (CEO LallianSe). Find their experiences and interventions in the #replay below:

Here are the process, the terms & conditions, as well as the timetable for applying.

You have an idea, a project and you meet the mandatory conditions to apply?

Fill out our online questionnaire and send it back to us before February 24th 2023 at

Get started on the adventure!

One-to-one with Gérard Garouste

What analogies between artistic creation and innovation? How can we draw inspiration from artistic creativity in our daily lives as entrepreneurs?

In accordance with our #values, and through our #atypical approach, LallianSe has taken the initiative to stimulate a privileged dialogue with Gérard Garouste, one of the most important contemporary painters, by organizing an exclusive and unique event: a one-to-one and a visit to his retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, which you can visit until 2023 January 2.

Transmission, perseverance, resilience and ambition – qualities and values highlighted by Gérard Garouste, which are perfectly reflected in our daily lives as entrepreneurs, researchers and other players in the world of healthcare innovation.

Thanks to Gérard and the #AssociationLaSource for this suspended moment and these nods to our #Embûches de l’Innovation, beyond being an essential source of inspiration for an enthusiastic future.

Find below some photos of the event!