Our team : Pascale Jordan, Strategic Partner

1. Who are you and what was your journey until the creation of LallianSe?

I am Pascale Jordan, I have more than 20 years of experience in Business Development and Licensing in the field of healthcare innovation. I have worked in biotech start-ups, in large pharmaceutical groups and in development units, in human health and animal health.

2. Why did you embark on this adventure?

LallianSe offers ecosystem players a 360° integrated vision of the development of healthcare innovation, which perfectly matches the value I can bring at this stage of my professional career.

3. What is the achievement in LallianSe that you are most proud of?

Support for Fit4helath students in partnership with Sorbonne University in their business creation project.

4. What are the factors that make LallianSe successful?

A common vision.

In 3 words: serene, creative, attentive.


Challenge Innovation #3

We have the pleasure to officially launch our Challenge Innovation #3!

The Challenge Innovation is the competition initiated by LallianSe since 2018 with APHP.Sorbonne University to distribute the profits generated during the previous FestiLAB, an annual charity event. Made possible by the support of privileged partners which brings together around an artistic project, an acoustic rock band and a private event for the actors of innovation (entrepreneurs, hospitals, researchers, investors, recruiters, developers, service providers, etc.). The Challenge Innovation is the competition designed to distribute the donations collected during FestiLAB.

In order to launch our call for projects, on Tuesday January 18, 2022, we organized a Rencontre de l’Innovation, a conference intended for the paramedical and technical staff of the GH APHP.Sorbonne University.

We’d like to thank our speakers and partners : Tatiana Akake (Deputy Director at the Research & Innovation Department at the GH APHP. Sorbonne Université), Pierre Mozer (Urologist et co-founder of UroMems), Cécile Combes (Physiotherapist and winner of the Challenge Innovation #2), Aude Nyadanu (serial entrepreneurs, singer of our rock band The Entrepreneurs at the FestiLAB, founder of Lowpital and much more), Patrick Delamare (General Care Coordinator of the GH APHP.Sorbonne Université) and at alst Julie Rachline (CEO LallianSe). Find their experiences and interventions in the replay below:

For this 3rd edition we have decided to make the make the call for projects process more complete and supportive. Here is the process, the conditions & modalities, as well as the calendar to apply.

You have an idea, a project and you meet the mandatory conditions to apply? Fill out our online questionnaire and get started on the adventure!

The Challenge Innovation also innovates! As you know, this year, 3 ‘Design Thinking’ workshops accompany the paramedical teams: a variety of projects that illustrate the contribution of collective intelligence methods and the user approach, deployed by the teams of Lowpital, Aude and Maylis. It is also the consistency to involve Aude, singer of Les Entrepreneurs, even more in the adventure! Here are the first images of the launch of the workshops which take place with great enthusiasm from the participants:

Remember, as part of our collaboration with the AP-HP, Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris Sorbonne University for the 3rd #ChallengeInnovation for #paramedical and #medicotechnical staff of the GH, we had decided to innovate! This year, 3 ‘Design Thinking’ workshops accompanied the paramedical teams by the teams of Lowpital, Aude Nyadanu and Maylis Callier to help them prepare the call for projects.

What did these workshops bring them? How did that help them? Hear their stories in the video below:


Since 2019, LallianSe and the APHP.Sorbonne University Hospital-University Group have joined forces to launch the third edition of the Challenge Innovation for paramedical and medical-technical personnel at APHP.Sorbonne University. LallianSe works in partnership with APHP.Sorbonne University to support and accompany the initiatives of healthcare professionals who carry out innovations.

On May 12, 2022, the Research and Innovation Department of APHP.Sorbonne University and the General Management of LallianSe, unanimously by the Jury, awarded two prizes.


The Jury was composed of Pauline Maisani, Director of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and Deputy General Director of the GHU APHP.SU, Patrick Delamare, Deputy General Coordinator of Care of the GHU APHP.SU, Florence Mahé-Dombis, Sponsorship Manager of Sorbonne Université Faculty of Medicine, Pascale Maisonneuve, General Secretary of the LallianSe association, Tatiana Akake-Beshelemu, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation of the GH APHP.SU, and Julie Rachline, President of LallianSe.

The 1st Prize of the Innovation Challenge #3 is awarded to the ESCAPE GAME DIGITAL project IN THE PEDIATRIC-ADULT TRANSITION led by Sandrine Bottius, Health course coordinator at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. It is accompanied by a grant of €12,000 as well as support by LallianSe for 12 months.

This project will be a tool that can be used by pediatrics and adult medicine to help prepare for the transition and strengthen the patient’s adherence to their adult health journey through a better understanding and apprehension of the stages that make up this period. It is designed in a generic enough way to also be used transversely by pediatric hospitals for preparation for the Transition on the one hand, and on the other hand by adult hospitals for the adhesion of the young patient to his course.

The 2nd Prize of the Challenge Innovation #3 is awarded to the REVAP-STOMIE project led by Axelle Pierre-Joseph, Nurse Stomatherapist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. It is accompanied by a grant of €5,000 as well as support by LallianSe for 6 months.

Within the framework of the REVAP project (REalité Virtuelle Apprentissage), a tool for teaching surgery for caesarean section had already been developed, using virtual reality (VR), based on a combination of 3D videos captured during a surgical intervention and lessons interactive. This tool would make it possible to see and review the various treatments as well as the techniques for fitting ostomies on a support allowing a projection of the caregiver very close to reality. Ostomy care is little known care, not taught in the majority of IFSIs.

The Jury would like to point out the quality of all the projects presented to it. The GHU APHP.Sorbonne Université and LallianSe renew to all the paramedical and technical staff their congratulations for having participated, and hope to continue these projects for the emergence and promotion of health innovations.

See you at the Challenge Innovation #4 !

Our team : Karine Coquelin, Group Executive Assistant & Office Manager

1. Who are you and what was your journey until the creation of LallianSe?

After pursuing Art History studies … without really catching up with them, I started working as a salesperson, then switchboard operator and became executive assistant and office manager, functions that I have now held for more than 20 years.

2. Why did you embark on this adventure?

Julie offered me a position as a group assistant and part-time office manager. This allowed me to combine my job as a mother with my “professional job”. The discovery of LallianSe was the icing on the cake!

3. What are your daily responsibilities ?

I prepare invoices every month, manage orders from the office … and provide support for those who need it on a daily basis.

4. What are the factors that make LallianSe successful?

The complicity and complementarity that Julie has managed to bring to life within the team.

In 3 words: mother, enthusiastic, strong-willed.


About last months #November & #December


November has started with an exciting news for one of LallianSe clients portfolio companies since 2018 and our Expert-in-Residence Stéphane Milot: Congratulations to Biomunex, and the team led by Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gerard, founder and CEO of Biomunex, alongside Institut Curie and GTP Bioways, who has announced that “its BiXAb5 project has received close to €3 million ($3.5M) in grants from the French government as part of the ‘Grand Défi Biomédicament’ scheme. A total budget of €5.6 million ($6.5M) is allocated to this project.”. Find the press release here.

It is always with joy that LallianSe participates in discussions on health innovation. This is how you were able to meet Julie Rachline, LallianSe CEO, and Emmanuelle Garnier, deputy director at the Montpellier University Hospital to talk about the approaches they are developing to support innovation within public hospitals around an afterwork organized by Lowpital.

We went through the month with the 26th edition of our Aventures de l’Innovation. We warmly thank Ludovic for this open session, rich in information and intimate.

Finally, November ended with a very good news for another of our long-standing clients: VistaCare by DTAMedical, which has reached a new milestone in its development and is setting up in Besançon. A big thank you for your trust, we were delighted to welcome the team and in particular Naima BEN BELKACEM in recent months in our coworking room in the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. LallianSe – Life Sciences Integrator continues to support VistaCare by DTAMedical in its project, for ever more innovation and success! A new stage of the Adventure taking shape in Besançon.


You had the opportunity to meet us during the 10th edition of #BioFIT2021 and the 5th edition of #MedFIT2021 in digital format from December 7 to 9, 2021 where LallianSe was a partner.
BioFIT Event is the leading event in Europe for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations and early-stage innovations in the field of Life Sciences. BioFIT is also the European marketplace for seed and venture capital investment in Life Sciences.🌐 www.biofit-event.com
MedFIT Event is the first European convention dedicated to partnership innovation and the marketplace for early-stage innovations in the field of medical technologies, diagnostics and digital health. 🌐 www.medfit-event.com

We continued the month with the 27th edition of our Aventures de l’Innovation. We warmly thank Jean-Claude for this update and a question-rich session.

Remember, during FestiLAB #3 in July 2021 we presented Cécile Combes, pediatric physiotherapist at Armand-Trousseau Hospital and #winner of our call for projects, the #ChallengeInnovation launched on the university hospital group #APHP. Sorbonne University.
Cécile spoke for a few minutes to pitch her innovative project: the pikidou … What a great development since then, because in less than a year and thanks to the donations raised at #FestiLAB and then given to the project, a few days ago, the first Pikidou was born! Follow the evolution here🔻

To finish with, places have become available in our 2 coworking spaces in hospital immersion!

The LallianSe LAB is an initiative born in 2017, with the creation of a 1st coworking space located in the GHU Hôpitaux Universitaires Pitié Salpêtrière – Charles Foix (APHP), then a second in the GHU Hôpital Paris Nord Bichat, called ‘L’Appartement de l’Innovation’ and created in September 2021. In total immersion and a single point of contact between innovative private & public players, our ambition is to federate, energize and promote innovation in Health.

Do you want to be in close contact with the LallianSe community ? Are you looking for interactions with healthcare professionals, or do you simply need an immersed workspace at the AP-HP, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris ? Contact-us : contact@lallianse.com

Our coworking spaces are waiting for you!

Our team : Daphné Revol, Operations Manager

  1. What was your journey to your LallianSe adventure?  

Pharmacist by training completed with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Management and Biotechnology at ESCP, my heart has always been towards health innovations. Through my experiences in hospitals, pharmacies and particularly within the pharmaceutical industry, I have seen the development of many projects with a strong impact for patients. The challenges of health products are multiple and require a great deal of expertise. My desire to contribute, develop and market these innovations led me to move towards the entrepreneurial world by joining LallianSe.

  1. Why did you join the adventure? 

LallianSe is a combination of innovations, entrepreneurial adventures and an infinite universe of skills that are set to music to support health projects. This ecosystem has been the way for me to apply my skills and develop myself through the projects, companies and structures supported. Evolving and contributing to the innovations of tomorrow in this dynamism is a real driving force for me!

  1. Can you give us some examples of your daily responsibilities ?  

On a daily basis, I make sure to bring the necessary and complementary expertise to the project that we support thanks to our network of Experts while being in charge of operations within LallianSe. I also provide support on aspects of project management, business prospects and market access for startups in our ecosystem.

  1. What are the factors that make your collaboration with LallianSe a success?  

LallianSe allows me, both from a professional and personal point of view, to build myself and evolve in a benevolent environment endowed with a capacity for listening and quite impressive flexibility. This playground allows me today to deploy and hear my skills in many areas while meeting many inspiring people on a daily basis!

In 3 words : dynamic, flexible and enthusiastic .